Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Languedoc trip - day three - Barcelona

Once again my little watch alarm failed to wake us but El heard the cheering from the end of the street as the 20 km men's race walkers went by - Barcelona is hosting this year's European Athletic Championships. The race walk was being held in a big park complex called Parc de la Ciuttadella which includes a zoo, parliament buildings, and many beautiful walkways. We wandered around there and up to the top where there is a huge Arc de Triumph, and our nearest subway stop.

We decided to take the subway over to an even more spectacular park area, Parc de Montjuic, a beautiful hillside setting with views across the whole city. This is also the site of the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics, so we had to visit the pool and main stadium. Eleanor got to check another Olympic pool off her list although we hadn't brought our swimsuits so didn't get to swim. We were also unable to enter the Olympic stadium unless we wanted to buy tickets for the athletic championships then in progress. Next stop was a cable car ride to Castell de Montjuic on the very peak, and even more spectacular views. I am guessing the temperature was in the mid thirties at least, so by this time we were done with tramping about. Even the locals on the subway looked wilted.

After a bit of a siesta back in our room we headed off to Mercat Sanata Caterina. I mentioned yesterday that we had seen what looked like a great restaurant there and decided to try it out. It was indeed excellent. I had grilled Turbot and El had Hake steak with glazed scallions, basil and potatoes. It was busy but we were happy to take seats at the bar, which we always find the most interesting spot anyway. We happened to be right where the servers picked up the orders and so were able to see every dish going by. We saw roasted suckling pig leg go by several times. Grilled razor clams also caught our eye. So that was today. Tomorrow will be mostly a matter of packing up and getting a cab to Estacio de Sants to pick up our car. We anticipate a three-hour drive, all auto route, to our next lodgings in Caravac, just south of Carcassone.


Jenny C said...

ciao hows the vino?
this may be the only message you get because i am still learning..haha
enjoy looks fantabulous..penny & dino

Eleanor and Seamus Nesling said...

Thanks Jenny and everyone. We appreciate the comments; after all we are only doing this for your entertainment! The wine is mostly OK though we cant find any yellowtail anywhere. Seriously, yesterday we had a very nice rose which was a blend of grenache, syrah and one other I forget.

Country Girl said...

The food sounds exquisite and what fun sitting where you did. Love those city views from the park.