Monday, July 26, 2010

Languedoc trip - day one and two (Barcelona)

We arrived in Barcelona in the early afternoon and found the final day of the Tour de France on tv, which gave us an excuse to nap through the afternoon, a mistake. Eventually we got active and headed off to find the waterfront and seek out a restaurant Davide had told us about, Casa Cosa. The menu included Dorada cooked in salt, so that was El's choice. Someone came by playing accordian. He knew apparently only two tunes, and played neither well, but I would certainly have put money in his hat if he had approached us, not wanting a repeat of what happened to me the last time I had en encounter with an accordionist (another story).

Of course having napped in the afternoon, we ended up staying up late. We set the alarm for 8:30 and although we didn't hear it, we awoke at what we thought was that time and headed downstairs looking for the so called "white room" looking for breakfast. We couldn't understand the strange looks we were getting until someone pointed out it was after 1 pm! Ooops!

So with that leisurely start to our day we went on a big meander uptown towards Placa Catalunya, stopping for coffee and croissants along the way. We also began the inevitable quest for shoes, preferrably Camper. We also found some proper maps and then jumped on Barcelona's excellent subway to get back to our hotel, now being more clued into where everything is. For dinner we found a delightful little place serving traditional foods. The menu came in the form of a magazine which detailed all the food being served, where it came from, the history of the various dishes and pretty much how each dish was prepared. We made the simple choice of an eight course tasting menu, which was very nice - the zuchinni with cod was El's favourite. We had our coffee, taking our time so as to annoy the family waiting for our table (no we didn't!), and then wandered around some more. We got slightly lost, for me one of the essential requirements of any good holiday. Our reward for leavingf the tourist track was a glimpse of a more typical neighbourhood, before finding ourselves right back at our hotel, just like we knew what we were doing! On the way we discovered the local market, which we have earmarked for tomorrow's breakfast.


Jenny C said...

sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you guys! looks like you are having a fabulous time already!

Country Girl said...

Doing some catching up here. Was away all last week. Enjoying your travels.