Friday, July 30, 2010

Day four - Barcelona to Cavanac

Merde! My pants are getting a bit tight. Today we picked up our Megane rental car in Barcelona and got on the highway without getting lost. The road travels right by the Mediterranean. We were surprised to see so many beaches that weren’t that crowded. My vision of nothing but wall to wall people was wrong.

We stopped for lunch at Sol de Mar, a lovely quaint little town. The gazpacho I had was amazing’ maybe it was the setting who knows. The bread was pretty good too and this with the croissant for breakfast, snack midmorning makes for tight pants.

We continued on the highway and went down to the coast again in a couple of places on the Costa Brava but we weren’t impressed. The beaches looked nice but the towns were made up of 5 or 6 storey boring block apartments. On to France.

We reached Chateau Cavanac fairly easily. It is in beautiful rolling countryside with vineyards everywhere, five miles south of Carcassone. The hotel has about 30 rooms and a restaurant that is quite well known. It is midnight, the parking lot is pretty full and we can hear happy people wending their way back to their cars.

We ate in Limoux tonight. It is a beautiful little town with lots of tiny, narrow streets set on the River Aude. Everywhere you can see huge hanging baskets and the scent of flowers is everywhere. Dinner was at one of the restaurants on the square We had a wicked salad with a bowl of melted Camembert cheese with some chives served with toast. So good but so filling. I couldn’t eat all of my duck in phyllo with whipped potatoes in their jackets. It’s so early in the trip and my stomach has given up. The Limoux wine set my face on fire. It must be the sulphites. A lot of the wine in this area is vin ordinaire that is shipped all over to be cut with other wine. I wonder if it goes to the Okanagan?

After dining outside we went for a walk along the river. It is so nice to be outside at night walking and being warm as well as smelling all the flowers. Heaven!

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Country Girl said...

Oh, it does sound like heaven! Except for the tight pants bit. That's a bummer.