Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day six - the beaches south of Narbonne

Today we decided it was time see the sea. We had chosen to stay inland thinking that the coast would be busy with French holiday makers. The coast along here has been developed with a series of holiday towns which I am guessing are mostly rentals. We drove out towards Narbonne before turning south on smaller roads and soon found that it was nowhere as busy as we imagined. We didn’t get caught in traffic or have trouble parking and the first beach we visited at Port Leucate was practically deserted . Along here the holiday resorts occupy a long stretch of land separated from the mainland by a beautiful lagoon. We had lunch at a little promenade restaurant at a place called Le Lydia, named after the small passenger ship dug into the sand and now serving as a casino. Lunch consisted of grilled sardines. Excellent! And some more rose wine to go with it. And frites.

We next drove down a narrow neck of land until we found a stretch of beach we liked and hung out there for a couple of hours. It was very windy which is apparently typical as part of our beach was reserved for kite boarders and one was busy while we were there putting on quite a show. The water was fabulous. El is mad she doesn’t own a bikini as all the other women were wearing them. (I hadn’t actually noticed as I was just reading my book).

We wended our way into Perpignan, which has a beautiful town centre and just had pizza for dinner (and wine of course). For the trip home we stuck to the toll roads and that would have been uneventful except I hadn’t been paying much attention to the gas and we spent some tense minutes on the highway waiting for a gas station to appear, which it eventually did.

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Country Girl said...

Sorry. I am giggling about Seamus sitting there reading his book while there was a bikini fashion show going on.
Andrew says he can see Seamus probably not noticing, though.