Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympics-Day 17

Today was the last day of the Olympics and the BIG hockey game. It was inconceivable that we would lose to the US. Canada has been so successful in these games with 14 gold medals. Before these games we hadn't won one gold medal at home and just look at us now. We aren't humble Canadians making excuses for why we can't win any more.

The game 2-0 Canada then 2-1 and in the last twenty seconds two all. It was nail biting to say the least. Overtime and Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal to give the games a story book finish.

We decided to go down to the front in White Rock for an espresso and gelato. What better way to celebrate! There were cars, busses, the fire truck going up and down the strip with flags flying and bells ringing. Everyone was dressed in red with many waving flags even in the middle of the road.


Jenny C said...

OMG is that Dave Wild?

Eleanor and Seamus Nesling said...

Yes. It was too good to miss.

Country Girl said...

I was secretly glad you won. Don't tell.