Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Olympic Torch Day in White Rock

It was very cold this morning when Penny, Cathy and I headed down to Marine Drive at 6:15 to wait for the Olympic torch to roll by. We grabbed some very welcome coffee at Ulis’ and staked out our spot. As far as the eye could see people were lined up waving their flags and sporting their Olympic gear. The Squamish nation drummers played for a bit then came the coke floats complete with dancers. Five minutes to go. Then in the wrong direction along comes a bread truck. The traffic has been stopped so how did it get here? So much for the security we keep hearing about. The motorcycle police were on it and made it back up to a spot near the pier.

Finally, we see the bright orange of the flame in the distance and it’s in front of us, held high in the air and all too soon gone. As we were heading back to the car we linked up with Betty, Jan and JP so you guessed it. Off we went for breakfast. We watched a beautiful sunrise over the pier and on the TV watched the torch ceremonies from the Peace Arch border crossing from the warmth of Charlie’s.

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