Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crescent Beach

Some of our travels are very close to home. Today was a beautiful, sunny day, 15 degrees Celsius so I decided to go for a walk at Crescent Beach. This area used to be filled with little cottages that people from Vancouver visited for their summer homes but today a lot of these have been knocked down for larger year round homes.

There is a wonderful walkway all along the beach in front of the homes. At this time of year there are a lot of migrating birds, mainly geese and ducks. You can walk all the way to the end of Blackie's spit and then around to the dykes, where there are all kinds of wildlife. The beavers have been repairing their dam and in one spot they have demolished a whole area of trees.

I left my ipod behind today and enjoyed listening to the birds. In fact I think I heard a red winged blackbird but didn't see it. However, I was fortunate enough to spot an eagle enjoying the sunshine and there were several Great Blue Heron looking for fish.

The gardens look beautiful. Even the forsythia is in bloom.

It's off home to wake up Blackstar to see if he is interested in a walk.

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