Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rabat - first visit to the medina

Up and at it after a wonderful night's sleep. Sandy has given us a map and suggested some sights to visit in downtown Rabat. More adventures with unwanted guides in the Casbah. Had a great time visiting the Medina, a walled labirynth of stalls and shops. Visited the food market and had grilled sardines for lunch. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Thanks for all the comments, guys. Internet connectivity could start to get spotty, so if we go off line for a day or two it doesn't necessarily mean we have been kidnapped!)

(Kate, if you are reading this can you tell me how to get the text to stay together as one block?)

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Country Girl said...

El, I don't use Blogger anymore to post because it drove me mad. I use Windows Live Writer and I've also tweaked my html code to accommodate larger photos. The only suggestion I have is to upload your pictures at the largest size that Blogger offers. Maybe then the type will stay above and below them.
I hope that helps. Here's to good internet service for you!