Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rabat - back to the medina

Our first visit to the medina was slightly overwhelming but we went back again today and discovered even more interesting nooks and crannies, and did some shopping (can't tell you what in case it's for you!). The vendors are very polite but once you express an interest in something, it's game on.

Tonight Sandy will cook seafood for us and we will meet Olivier. It cools down once the sun sets so we will be having a wood fire. Sandy lives just south of Rabat right on the ocean in a largely middle class area. We drove around a bit this afternoon trying to find a super marche so that we could contribute some wine and cheese to tonight's meal. We were stopped by a policeman (in this neighbourhood there are two or three at every roundabout pulling people over randomly). I provided what I hoped were the right papers. He was very friendly and welcomed us to our "second home," and told us how to get to the super marche.

Buying liquor is very interesting here. You come away with a feeling of having done something questionable. As liquor is theoretically forbidden by Islam, there is no acknowledgment of underage drinking, drunk driving or alcoholism although all those things exist. Tonight we are drinking a Cote du Rhone syrah/grenache, which is very drinkable. Unfortunately, the Moroccan wines, which really don't exist because of Islam, don't tell what kind of grapes are in the wine. They taste ok. Wine is very hard to find.I wondered if drunk driving explained some of the drifting drivers I encountered on the way down from Tangier but apparently that's just the way some people drive! Driving at night is also quite scary for the pedestrians looming out of the darkness and scooters and bikes with no lights.

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Country Girl said...

I'm thankful for living where I do, but am finding it really interesting to read about life in Morocco.