Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merzouga to Skoura - commentary

Yesterday we left the desert for a long drive to Skoura. Although the distances aren’t far by North American standards the speed limits aren’t that high and quite often we are going through endless Berber towns.

Much of our drive was through the stony and sandy desert with lots or scrub. We passed by many flocks of sheep and goats as well as camels grazing by the side if the road. Always in the far distance we could see the wonderful high and often snow covered Atlas Mountains.

Our first stop was in the Todra Gorge. We entered the area and drove for miles through areas of palm trees as the gorge rose on either side of us with its read and browny sand stone. We drove for miles until we reached a petite gorge which we didn’t want to go through with the car because it was very narrow. At this point the gorge rose to three hundred metres around us. My description doesn’t do it justice but you can see the immense beauty from the pictures.

Our drive to Skoura ended at twilight. We had to follow orange markers off the main road for four kilometres but it seemed like a lot more. We crossed a wadi or huge dried river bed and followed on a narrow road of rocks until finally we reached a little slice of heaven or perhaps here paradise, Les Jardins de Skoura. Les Jardins is owned by a wonderful French lady, Carolyn who gave us a really warm welcome and a complete tour of the property before we had our traditi0nal welcoming glass of mint tea. Our room was toasty warm with the heater going full tilt. We have the bedroom, a little sitting area and lovely hamman or bathroom. It is also made out of mud and grass over mud bricks in the Berber style with wonderful Berber blankets on the bed and windows.

Dinner was served in the dining room with a lovely fire. Our legume soup was followed with a Moroccan salad and tajine of beef, potatoes and petite pose. Dessert was a chocolate mousse and maybe best of all we had a bottle of wine. A perfect ending to the day.

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Country Girl said...

Now, this sounds wonderful. A beautiful end to an exciting day of touring. Complete with wine!