Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fez to Errachidia - commentary

Today was a travel day. It took multiple tries just to get out of Fez but we eventually did and drove through heavy rain ( and some sleet) over the atlas mountains south towards desert country. We missed some great scenery due to the rain and fog and were expecting to skip the barbary apes but there they were out in the rain so we stopped and El made a new friend. Just prior to that we had lunch in Ifrane which is a very trendy European looking university and ski town not at like other towns we passed through. I understand the kings of Morocco and Saudi Arabia jointly paid for the university. Behind the bar where we ate was huge photo of Morroco's young king looking very cool on a ski slope. We see his picture everywhere we go. The omelettes we had were delicious, perhaps a reflection of a simpler farming scene. Unfortunately (for El) the coffee was once again Miscela D'Oro!

We didn't prebook tonight's hotel, not being sure how far we would get. This approach has its risks but after driving around Errachidia and not liking two places we found a third right in town on a grubby side street behind the bus station. Very very basic but lots of flavour. As near as we can tell the local speciality for eating out is a mixed salad with grilled meat which is what we had and very nice it was too. For some strange reason it came with a fried egg.

The further south we get the darker the local complexion gets (we're in Berber country now) and the harder it is to get by with our fractured French, but not impossible as everyone is genuinely helpful and tolerant).

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Country Girl said...

Sounds like you're having a splendid time.
We had over a foot of snow here in Maryland and can't wait to see how deep it is tomorrow morning. It stopped snowing just after dark and I can't even get the front door open for the drifts! We have other doors to use, so no worries.