Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day two - Malaga

Day two. Long flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt. Nice to travel in business class but what good is reclining seat if it is like sleeping on a park bench anyway. Arrived Malaga late afternoon and after checking in wandered around the old town. All the locals are out in force enjoying the Christmas lights and street entertainers. We buy some scarves. This allows us to blend in seamlessly; no one can tell we are tourists. No one eats before 8 or even later but we are starting to fade. Find a nice little restaurant and enjoy some grilled dorado fallowed by figs in brandy. Accidently order a whole bottle of local red (Temperanillo/cabernet) but have no trouble drinking it.


Dolce said...

I'm trying ... technology eludes me.. anyway hopefully you'll receive it (otherwise Je-Je will teach me some more)
we are not so jealous because here is snowing!
tons of hugs

Country Girl said...

Great photos! Yes, you seem to be blending in seamlessly and it must be the scarves. Magic scarves.
I can't remember the last time I accidentally ordered a whole bottle of wine. But then, maybe it was last week. Keep the stories coming!

Jennifer said...

I'm SURE you ordered a whole bottle of wine by mistake...nice scarves! Glad you got there safe and sound :)

rom said...

ciao bella e how was the vino ?
Jenny showed us how to do this,Rom picked the! Tanti baci