Friday, December 18, 2009

Day two in Fez - commentary

Today's itinerary was a guided tour of Fez. We saw the royal palace, the Jewish quarter, the Muslim cemetery with its excellent view of the town, mosques, medrassas and more meandering around the souks. We were had a tour of a tile works and saw some wonderful stuff but of course were then subjected to a sales pitch. The same happened at a carpet place and the leather district. All beautiful stuff but we don't need it. However El did find a very nice green leather jacket and bargained till she got the price she wanted (seemingly reduced the guy to tears). If you look at the tannery photos in the previous post you can see the fairly gross process, part of which involves the hides being soaked in a mixture that includes pigeon poop. You can see the vats fulsl of all natural vegetable dye for the colouring stage and in one photo you can see hides hanging out to dry.

Today was Muslim new year, a holiday, so many more people attending prayers, including our guide (that was his excuse to abandon us at the carpet place). Other highlights of the day include El finding a noughat vendor, seeing that camel head (camel head soup, Davide?), and just watching the never ending stream of people flowing by our favourite little restaurant. Today we tried something called pastilla which looks like a cake on the outside but is actually a kind of pie stuffed with chicken, onion, peanuts. A weird touch is a dusting of cinnamon and icing sugar on the outside but it seems to work. The desert was also very tasty. It looked like a regular fruit cup but served in avacado juice which gave it a very different flavour. I had couscous, which came with several kinds of meat, all very nice, especially the spicy little lamb sausages. However the vegetable part was seriously overcooked, strange because we have seen so much fresh produce here and had some great tasting salads.

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Country Girl said...

The foods sounds so interesting. And Happy New Year, I guess.