Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We slept soundly in Malaga and this time were not disturbed in the night by numerous recycling trucks. In the morning we had a leisurely breakfast before walking around the main shopping area for an hour or so. And then it was time to head off to the airport for our flight to Barcelona.

We arrived in Barcelona in time to enjoy some tapas in a nearby bar and then join the throngs on Barcelona’s main shopping street. Actually, El is majorly frustrated that her stomach is preventing her from fully enjoying the fabulous array of food available at countless bars and cafes. However she did have some tripe and chick peas.

Anyway, after that we got in among the shoppers and strollers and had a great walk and a little shopping before heading back to our hotel. Tomorrow we plan to wander around some more, in particular visiting the Sagrada Familiar, and incredible cathedral designed by Gaudi and apparently now nearing completion.

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Country Girl said...

That third photo is just gorgeous. Glad to hear you're in Barcelona. Too bad El can't eat all the wonderful food yet.